1. ashley ashley says:

    God is not failing, and for someone who doesn't even believe you should not be making assumptions like that. God wants us to come to Him (or Her) willingly. That's why he gave us the choice of Free Will. Animals don't have this choice, they act merely on instinct and impulse. We are the ones who are failing. And we are not born with sin, we are born into a world where there is temptation and there is choice. Temptation is from the devil and to submit to temptation is to submit to the devil. Choose God and temptation won't tempt you any more.

    Attempting to make a woman look stupid who is actually making a good point and giving people something to think about is only the devil working through YOU and you should do something to change it. You have a choice.

    On another subject, The people who segregate the menstruating women are simply uneducated.

    And if homosexuality being natural is your best argument, I leave you with this. Morning breath is just natural, but do you live with it or do you get up in the morning and brush your teeth?

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