1. Donna Poff Donna Poff United States says:

    Loved what you wrote.  You are so right.  I believe it's about the money and this needs to stop.
    Too many people die of cancer or the cancer reoccurs because no one knows the natural protocol. Our food that is grown, tinkered with genetically or sprayed with insecticides is not good for anyone.  

    I know someone (former sister-in-law) who quit chemo after one session realizing that chemo kills the good cells too and she's still alive after over a decade.  She follows a food diet (Natural).  When she got lazy with her diet, she had to have something removed from her Kidney and I saw a picture of it.  The doctor gave her a few months.  Well, she went right back on the natural protocol and when the doctor continued monitoring her, he was flabbergasted.  She grows her own veggies and eats organic foods only.  Both her parents died of cancer related illnesses.  

    So many things are out there that weren't before the 1950s. I think food containers like Tupperware may be a contributor to a cancer although there may be other things too, i.e. household cleaners.  

    I store leftovers in butcher paper with masking tape and glass jars recycled from pickle and spagetti jars.

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