1. Jacques Jacques South Africa says:

    Hi there, just a warning from one bronchitis sufferer to others that may try Champix. My sleep pattern has completely changed in the sense I don't get much sleep due to breathing problems because it seems that the mucus when having broncheal problems thickens with the drug and is then more stubborn to get out of your lungs, this causes long periods of shortness of breath, even fighting to get to breathe properly. Any exercise even just walking became a huge problem. I've tried Alcopholex & Lennons Borsdruppels to try and loosen the phlegm but it didn't help much. I used Vitamin C, ACC200 & Viral Boost,as some of the symptoms felt like flu due to a post nasal drip, and nothing helped. I then decided yesterday to stop taking Champix, and last night it seemed that I've had slept better already. Still struggling with walking distances and breathing today, hopefully this will get better as well. Well so far I've cutdown on 60% of what I have smoked before, so I'll just keep trying without the drug.

    • Augnischa Augnischa South Africa says:

      I fully agree and can associate with the symptoms he is talking about. I am on my 8th day of using the tablets. Have cut down from about 20 a day to less than 7 already and then it is only that I feel like smoking but as soon as I lit it I threw it away. I experience a shortness of breath, getting very tired when walking short distances, bad nightmares. I have also felt spells of dizzyness and have aching muscles. A friend told me to look it up and after reading all your comments I am going to stop using this all together.

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