1. Laura Laura Australia says:

    My two and 1/2 year old has been off for about a month. She has been complaining of sore legs (she doesnt appear to have any rashes, bruising, etc), always being tired (she goes to bed at 8pm and is up at 6am, and she also has a sleep for 1 and 1/2 after lunch) and is constantly sooking. Her daycare mum has noticed that she just isn't quite right either. She is usually an extremely active little girl, but of late is more content just sitting and drawing or watching tv. When she does go outside, she complains that the sun is too bright. I at first thought she may just be having a growth spurt, but is it normal for it to go on for so long? She also has a older sister age 4 (who she shares a room with, but always has shared), and a younger brother age 6 months.

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