1. ZaCloud StriFair ZaCloud StriFair United States says:

    But, I wonder... shouldn't they have been going for the antibodies of those who had MILD symptoms instead of severe? Because whatever antibodies THEY'VE got protected THEM from getting so badly ill in the first place...

    Plus, there's basically two classes of severely infected patients (if I understand right, please correct me if I'm wrong)... 1) People who are being badly attacked by the virus itself. And 2) People whose immune systems are fighting the virus so hard, that the cytokine storm is what ends up causing severe system-wide inflammatory damage (blood clots, heart kidney lung and brain damage, etc).

    So, when the elite antibodies were extracted, was the patient type (of those two) taken into account? And if so, there's definitely caution as to whether you actually WANT an over-strong immune system in the patients. (Sadly I don't know what the ratio is when it comes to mortality, so that'd give us a better picture...)

    This is why there's mixed results on using certain treatments for Covid-19; some may be on the right track for one class of patient, but terrible for the other. So it has to be figured out: If the virus itself is causing poor condition in the patient, then an immune boost is DEFINITELY the best approach.

    But, if the virus is overshadowed by the body's own hyperactive flood of immune cells, then immunosuppressants are the way to go (as is being studied and used in many hospitals, last I've seen at least). I just hope the distinction and timing is being weighed with increasing wisdom as time goes on.

    So yeah, realizing this is just a layman's article, thus it likely simplifies or omits details... I just hope that both sides of the coin are being investigated. That the antibodies of people whose Covid infections were mild (or even better, by people who tested positive yet had no symptoms at all!) should be just as important to study. I really hope they are.

    Sometimes, looking for the strongest warriors to protect your city results in a lot more death and destruction... than managing to make peace via calm negotiations.

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