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  1. Sally Blakemore Sally Blakemore United States says:

    Thanks for this concise and understandable description of genetic code, mitochondria processes and DNA. I have always been confused about mitochondria and its purpose, but not it is clear. Once, in a Zoology lab, I saw a book containing chromosome strips at the bottom of the page and an arrow to show where damage occurred in the strip. A photograph of a human, depicted the mutation because of the altered gene. It was horrifying. One small malfunction produced cyclops, humans without arms or legs and more hideous kinds of abnormalities. I wondered how this new "designer baby" concept or the use of 3 parents to produce one child could alter the genetics of these children and if the mitochondria comes from the MOTHER, what if they child has two mothers by implanting mitochondria from one egg cell into another egg cell for "corrections." WILD SCIENTIFIC TIMES we are living in!

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