1. Surgere Surgere United States says:

    A firearm is just a tool, much like a car (which are 20-50 times more likely to kill you than firearms are, depending on whose statistics you're using). Any misuse of a tool is the fault of the operator, not the tool. So spend your time/money/energy educating people on the proper use of firearms. That way we can all be both safe and free, rather than just unharmed slaves.

    • Liz Od Liz Od United States says:

      That's like saying we should focus our time/money/energy on educating people on how to be better drivers to avoid car crashes instead of installing seat belts and airbags in our cars. Just because the blame doesn't lie within the actual tool- the car or the gun, doesn't mean we should ignore the tool itself. How about both? Perhaps increasing the screening of potential gun buyers could make a difference, much like the driving test required for licensing.

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