1. Larry Jessip Larry Jessip United States says:

    Just my experience with Vit. D and Covid 19.  In Feb 2020 for a completely unrelated problem my urology dr. did a test for my Vit. D levels and found them low.  He proscribed 50,000 IU Vit. D2 pills at once a week for 2 months and once a mo. following.  In April I had a case of Covid toe. Middle toe on each foot turned black. Looked like Gangrene actually.  But then they came out of it.  I think the Vit. D supplement stopped the Covid before it became severe.  

    Also in December one morning I woke up and stumbled into the kitchen for breakfast and realized after a few bites I had no sense of taste or smell. Everything was bland. So figuring it was a early Covid symptom I took one of the last D2 supplements I had.  At lunchtime I was fine.   I suspect myself that megadoses of Vit. D slow down or stop outright the virus,

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