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  1. Diane Brokaw Diane Brokaw United States says:

    I am 60 and have degenerative scoliosis.  I do core exercises.  

    Strengthen your lower back:
    I start in the morning before I get out of bed.  I start with a stretch.  Pull both knees up to your chest as far as you can.  Hold it for a count to 60.  Then I extend one leg out parallel to the bed for a count of 10, pull that leg back to your chest for another count of 10.  Repeat that 5 times.  Switch legs and and repeat 5 times.  Then bring both legs up to your chest for a count of 10 then extend both legs parallel to the bed for a count of 10.  Repeat that 8 to 10 times.  This last movement is hard when you start, but keep trying, you will get it.  I then repeat all three movements two more times but reduce the count to 2.

    Crunches strength stomach muscles for lower back:
    I put my hands over my head and throw them up through my knees to get into a crunch.  I hold each crunch for a count of 5.  I repeat these 15 times.  I am new at this one, so it will take time before I can do a real crunch.

    All of this has helped me have less pain.  I still am dealing with leg pain.  A specialist has recommend I start going to a pilaties class.  I am looking for one now.

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