1. Hug Bunney Hug Bunney United States says:

    Here's the problem with health insurance in general.  The insurance companies are there to make a profit for their stockholders and investors while the people who buy their product does so to protect their health for as long as they can.  Of course people need health care, particularly as they get older, and this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.  What should be a surprise is how little care there is when it costs these companies money and how little laws regulating this is helping.  Insurance works on the premise that the more people insured the greater the spread of the cost to care for the least healthiest of the group.  Now, when government tried to get everyone insured it should have worked in the insurers favor and reduced the overall cost for insurance (captive audience after all) and kept a companies profitability.  Unfortunately, some mistakes were overlooked.  1) there should have been a rider that said insurance companies had to offer their product in all 50 states to qualify. 2) every health care provider had to accept every insurance in order to qualify.  3) no one gets denied coverage and all coverage is consistent between insurers.  4) national standardization for the industry along with information access to patient history.  In order to stop the madness of all these jump on the band wagon to get their share of the pie little rinky dink insurance companies who popped up in the name of competitiviness which was expected to be for our good but worked against us AND to stop monopolizing our healthcare as get rich schemes by these same companies our choices, AS CUSTOMERS, need to be broadened.  AS CUSTOMERS, we should be in control of where our healthcare dollars go including the insurance dollars.  No more of this out of network crap.  No more treating patients like crap and the insurance like gods.  Get the power back to the people.

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