1. Kevin Elks Kevin Elks United Kingdom says:

    Belief and truth is not the same thing, belief can be anything from the truth to downright lies.  If we chose we can 'believe in the absurd and truly 'believe' it is true, the word of God written by man or little mythical creatures at the bottom of the garden. God mad everything perfect, yet, that perfection is mutilated by those that cut off part of the sexual organ of male and females alike 'circumcision' (MGM/FGM); we indeen have too many hangups when it comes to sex to the point of trying to surgically supress or dull the sexual sensations of the genrations when unable to protest.

    Religion is responsible for all sorts of crimes, or at least it manifests itself from those who purport to be religious and phobias such as homophobia is one such example.

    I have thought for many years that the deep natural sense of same sex bonding is natural in humans and the worst of the homophobics have a concious fear of their natural subconcious fealings, homophobia seems to be one way of comfort to them.

    Footballers are encouraged to 'bond' by communual nude bathing yet homophobia is rampant amongst the football fans.  Homosexual touching in front of vast crowds at matches is accepted so why the homophobia?

    Violence in humans does seem to be most prevelant amongst those that are sexually supressed, you could conclude that roughly they are the 'circumcising' nations (USA, Israel, the ruling classes of the British Empire [not the common people], Muslim countries) and in this it is not just war but domestic violence.  On the medical side we have the countries that supress sexuality indicated by the rate of 'circumcision' having a higher rate of HIV/AIDS (the exception being Africa).

    I think this article was very interesting and a good overview of the situation, I see much truth in the points within it.  We are animals and we could learn a lot if we accepted it and looked to nature to resolve our problems.

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