1. jessica jessica United States says:

    Hello my name is Jessica and I was wondering if there was any way for me to know if fell pregnant again would my next child have hypoplastic left heart syndrome too?

    • marie marie United States says:

      My first child had hlhs and passed just under 6 months old so i understand your concern. I have had 2 children since then and both are completely healthy and now adults. If you decide to get pregnant make sure your doctor tests for hlhs during your ultrasounds. good luck

    • Dawn marie Dawn marie United States says:

      I had 3 more healthy children after my hlhs baby.  I now have level 3 ultrasounds from a perinatolgist(hope I spelled that right).  They are trained to look specificly for that disorder.  They most likely would do 2 ultrasounds where they will compare the growth of all the heart chambers.  good luck.

    • Rebecca Rasmussen Rebecca Rasmussen United States says:

      My oldest son was born with HLHS in 1996.  He survived the surgeries and will he turning 16 this month.  I went on to have 4 more pregnancies.  Two of them ended in miscarriage of unknown reasons before the 3rd month.  The two that were successful required indepth ultrasounds of the heart just to make sure all the pieces were there.  For every pregnancy after my HLHS baby I was worried that the ultrasound wasn't right.  But I was reassured that everything was the way it was supposed to be.  My best advice is to ask lots of questions. Remember that your health care team is composed of trained professionals that can answer any question you have.  Because of my experiences with HLHS I went back to school to become a cardiac sonographer.

      GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!  My prayers are with you.

    • Connie Connie United States says:

      Hi Jessica, I have also had 2 more children since the death of my first son as a result of HPLS and my children are of teen age and healthy!

    • Rachel Rachel Canada says:

      I just want to say that while the risk is low, it is still there. My mother had two children in a row in the early 80s with HPLS.

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