1. Holly Szady Holly Szady United States says:

    My mom was recently diagnosed with this, I have had the symptoms for years and am getting an MRI. My son is also presenting with symptoms. Is this gentic?? And how rare can it really be? If I find out I have it, I'm guessing a lot more people suffer with it, but incorrectly diagnosed, or never see a doctor. I want treatment and my neurologist says the treatment out weighs the symptoms. I disagree. It's a very visible condition and has ruined my life.

    • Dave JA Dave JA Italy says:

      I'm 28 and found out (cared) about it recently. I'd like to think that I have a mild BHDS. I don't recall my relatives telling me it's in the blood.
      I'm sorry to hear about this from you but at the same time i'm somewhat glad that i'm not alone. Would like to hear how'd your treatment go? thanks for the attention!^^

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