1. Gale Moskowitz Gale Moskowitz United States says:

    I was diagnosed with CIC as well. After taking Linzess for just two weeks, number one it didn’t help and number two it produced such horrible gas, and a lot of it. I stopped taking it. My doctor recommended Amitiza. It worked the second day! It however had the same gas effect. 🤨 I mean so awful that going into public would be humiliating. I again, stopped. So, I again stopped. I’m a 59 yr. old woman. I’ve seen my gastroenterologist several times. Had 2 colonoscopies. “Fiber, water and exercise..” I drink 100 oz of water a day. I eat everything with high fiber. I walk a lot everyday. Hi- hum...

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      Maria DiPaolo Maria DiPaolo United States says:

      There is a functional bowel problem called abdominal phrenic dyssynergia that very few doctors have on their radar. The Rome Foundation and Dr. Drossman are authorities on the subject.

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