1. Skye Coe Skye Coe United States says:

    Although studies primarily were focused on breast cancer, I used artemisinin (sweet wormwood) capsules in combination with venifer (iron) while doing chemotherapy for colon cancer. I choose doing chemo because I knew that the iron and artemisinin would be delivered systemically in spite of it's poor reputation for curing cancer. After 6 chemo treatment one are of concern was returning to a walnut sized tumorous stage. After adding the artemesinin at the sixth treatment, the walnut sized tumor shrank to the size of a green pea within 3 days. Because of an adverse reaction to the chemo at the injection site, I stopped the chemo and used the opportunity to have a CT scan done which validated the change of status in the tumours. Hemorrhoids that were present until adding the artemisinin also disappeared. Comment from the amazed oncologist was 'Congratulations!! Tell all of your friends and throw a party!!". I am now awaiting the results of a final PET scan done recently. Another area of concern, a 'mass', did not disappear, so I requested a biopsy and it was determined that that area was not malignant.  If I had followed the regular protocol of using chemo and radiation at the same time, I would have received radiation treatments targeted in area not in need of such harsh treatment. Very honestly , I made quite a few lifestyles changes including adding probiotics, digestive enzymes, using the ER4YBT diet using anti-cancer ketogenic principles, but feel the success of elimination of tumors was directly related to addition of artemisinin to iron and chemo. With no harmful side effects known for short term use of artemisinin, I don't see how anyone could go wrong in trying this. My new oncologist has no interest in use of artemisin, as he considers evidence 'unempirical', but said he didn't care what I did on my own. Fortunately that's what I did and he recently changed my cancer status to 'curable' something that I knew all along. Google the info on Youtubes of work of Dr. Henry Lai and Dr Len Saputo for more specific details on how to use artemisinin. It may save your life in same way it did mine.

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