1. Steve Clark Steve Clark Canada says:

    For all the great work the CCS does, why do they associate themselves with self-serving, agenda laden, misleading, fear mongers like this woman and her group. SHOW US THE SCIENCE! SHOW US THE PEER REVIEWED EVIDENCE! SHOW US THE DOUBLE BLIND TEST RESULTS! Guess what they can't. As an association, we have led the way in conjuction with the Ministry of the Environment in implementing the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. Recognizing threshhold limits for pests, evaluating effecting and safe controls (mechanical and cultural and lastly chemical), devising an effective management plan that will minimize risks and damage to people, property values and workers.
    It is so easy to attack the industry as a whole, just trot out the pictures of the kids and puppies and tug at your heart strings. Shame on you!
    If the CCS want to make a real difference in peoples lives lead the ban on real dangers, cigarettes, fast food, trans fat, idleing in you car, etc. This is not a band wagon educated people want to get on. The Canadian Cancer Society should watch who they associate with!

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