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    Lost 125 lbs and met my goal weight.  Had very few complications after surgery except belching.  Was told I needed a hysterectomy because enlarged uterus and large fibroids.  I guess it was enlarged cause I was told it is normal to have a 2 lb uterus and mine was 6 lbs.  Weird thing though,  never had any problems with low blood sugar until 3 days after the surgery.  They absolutely refuse to believe the surgery had anything to do with it.  I believe now there is lots of room for everything else so it has room to travel faster.  With uterus in, everything was bunched up and tight.  So now I have hypo with the perfect diet of high grains and complex carbs.  I can be great for weeks and then all of the sudden, I feel different but can't explain it.  No symptoms before it hits and then sweats come and its almost too late.  Comes in just minutes and blood level is around 40.  What works food wise for diabetics throws me into hypo within 15 minutes.  It scares the crude out of you because it hits without warning and hard and fast.  I carry nut bars and glucose tabs wherever I go.  I feel for you all.  It can be intimidating and make you paranoid.  Don't give up though, just become more self aware and slow down to recognize the symptoms and always, always carry extra food, juice and glocuse tablets wherever you go. Exercise is important for control.  Just make sure that you check before, 10 minutes after and keep rechecking.

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