1. mary mary says:

    I have dealt with this for quite a few years myself so I fully understand motion sickness. Five years in between when the first episode to the next one occurred, the doctors at the emergency room had no clue as to what was happening to me then. I had a few more small ones to come and go then a serious one happened at work. I'd always felt as if I was about to leave the world. A lot of dreaming at night and tossing and turning or a very stressful day can set mine off. Always get up in the morning with itchy ears and use q-tips to scratch the ears not realizing this shifts those tiny organs around in the head, we forget our brain is so very near the inner ear, so since I've eleminated some desires to scratch it has gotten better now if the stress I experience so often in my life would subside and the dreams I'll be so much better. But lately have this feeling of motion movements again as if I am leaving my body and my legs go limp or feel faint I want to go back to being normal. Can't even ride theme park rides, even quick sudden movements takes me on a quick spin!

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