1. Wai Wong Wai Wong Australia says:

    Eggs are often consumed with either processed meats or with lots of refined sugar in desserts, both being known risks for CVD. When the consumption of processed red meat is controlled for, consumption of eggs is likely to be correlated with the consumption of sugar. Without controlling for the latter, this study is flawed.

    Another flaw is that the participants' eventual CVDs should be blamed on the accumulated effects of bad diet over their entire lives;  just looking at their diet after they become 'patients' can never tell the true story.

    The author of this article also makes the mistake of interpreting correlation as cause in saying "Overall, the research shows that the consumption of dietary cholesterol and eggs does increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality". For example, protein lovers with high risk of CVD may be advised to cut down on processed meats. Without cutting down on eggs, they are likely to consume more eggs than the cohort average. Thus, higher CVD risk causes higher egg consumption, not the other way round!

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