1. Dr.Swati Khartode Dr.Swati Khartode India says:

    My clinical study on covid 19 patients by using cow colostrum supplement is published in an international, peer reviewed, indexed journal. This study has proven an early recovery of covid 19 patients by taking colostrum as a food or colostrum supplement (i used Cap. Immurich for my study).
    Whenever we get viral infection, white blood cells in our body produces antibodies or immunoglobulin to destroy that virus. Colostrum is rich in immunoglobulin or antibodies. When we eat colostrum then we get passive immunity by that. If you don't get pure form colostrum then eat colostrum supplement.
    **It is not a treatment of covid 19 but it is an immuno supplement / nutritional supplement**

    Dr. Swati Khartode
    Clinical Dietitian
    Pune, Maharashtra


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