1. Monica Hermolle Monica Hermolle United Kingdom says:

    What has happened to patient choice? If patients know their health improves with certain treatment have they not a right to continue? If they know that a particular doctor improves their health have they not the right to choose him/her. Why should anyone else make those choices for an individual? Advice is one thing, control is another.
    What has happened to freedom of information? Why has it not been possible to publish the membership of the committees? Surely not to do so arouses concern over the independence of each group or the integrity of its material?

    • J Whitehouse J Whitehouse United States says:

      Also, on Page 68 of the 2006 BTA Guidelines it states, "Routine thyroid function tsting has been available for more than thirty years.  Therefore, it may seem surprising that the quality of evidence to support the recommendations in these guidelines is generally poor.

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