1. JC Wise JC Wise United States says:

    I have had amblyopia since birth. I will be 44 years old this October. I pretty much consider myself legally blind in my right eye as I only see out of my left eye. My brain completely ignores my right eye. When I close my good left eye,  The vision in my right eye is horrible. It was measured at 20/2000. I wore a patch and glasses as a child but it didn't help. My whole life I have had terrible aim and couldn't catch to save my life. I was picked last in gym class for team sports as I always sucked at team sports. I guess you would need to  see out of both eyes and have good depth perception to have good aim and to be able catch . I have given up on ever seeing out of both eyes. I have my driver's license but I always end up getting the right side of my car hit by mailboxes, guard rails, I always get flat tires on the right side do to hitting curbs and always end up losing the mirror on the right side. I also have never seen a 3d movie like everyone else who commented.

    • Fahad Ahmad Fahad Ahmad United Kingdom says:

      Hey JC!! You are from developed country, and it is weird not having proper treatment. i am 28 and still figuring out if there is anything or any treatment that could help me. I am from UK, if you have any experience that is beneficial, please share,
      Kind Regards,
      Fahad Ahmad

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