1. RJB RJB United States says:

    With steadily increasing research revealing ever more destruction caused by alcohol to the individual's health and to societal well being with increased cancer, heart disease, brain/nervous system disorders, and the over $220billion/year cost to taxpayers and business in the US alone for violence, illness, child abuse, birth defects, anti-social behavior in children born to drinking mothers, divorce, highway carnage, murder, loss of productivity, and just plain stupid behavior, it is way past time to put bold health warnings with photos of diseased organs and deformed and retarded children.  

    It's blatant hypocrisy for government to attack smoking and turn a blind eye to alcohol, the most destructive mind-altering addictive drug on earth, killing more than 6 times more that all other drugs combined.  Where's the surgeon general?  At least WHO is now campaigning against this awful blight on our lives.

    Time for the US to get in step.

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