1. Kate Johnson Kate Johnson United States says:

    "insights from the world's leading experts"?  Gee, I don't think so. If this man is a "thought leader' we are all doomed.  He couldn't possible be more useless, predictably trotting out  "it's all in their heads" and "they just want disability" (I don't collect disability, so I guess that blows that theory) often used by medical professionals when they can't figure  something out. The every popular "blame the patient",  which Wolfe further enhances by criticizing any who is actually trying to help.  This is obviously a guy bent on self promotion , who has little to no empathy for his subjects or really any interest in actually helping anyone.   His priority is seeing his name in print to feed his own sense of self importance and advance his career.  Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.  I actually have come to consider it a symptom of this illness.  Idiotic, self important medical professionals entirely bereft of compassion who, instead of helping people who are suffering, actually make things worse for them.  He must be so proud!  I wonder how many people medical professionals such as Fred Wolfe have driven to suicide?  There's truly no greater enhancement to intractable pain than having someone blame you and tell you you're neurotic.    If anyone wants information from someone who actually has a clue about this subject , look at the research of Robert M. Bennett, MD, from Oregon Health Science University.  You might actually find something useful.

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