1. Peter Stone Peter Stone Ireland says:

    According to smokers, the e-cigarette actually helps to get rid of the tobacco. The European Commission's Eurobarometer showed, for example, in 2014 that 14 per cent of all respondents who had tried the steam had become so cigarette smoking. A further 21 per cent had at least reduced their tobacco consumption. Britain is now considering using e-cigarettes in cessation programs. However, studies that have been carried out to achieve this result in mixed results.  Sometimes the tobacco cessation, sometimes even the jump from the nicotine folds, sometimes the steam has no effect on the smoking behavior. The scientific network Cochrane Collaboration has come to the realization that the e-cigarette can help stop (Hartmann-Boyce et al., 2016). According to the researchers, this might even work just as well as with a nicotine patch. However, the combined studies had small numbers of subjects, so they were only conditionally conclusive.

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