1. Rasha Mamdouh Rasha Mamdouh Egypt says:

    Dear Dr.Jon:
    Thank you very much for this informative article. My son is 14 years old. His height is 184cm. I just went to the endocrinologist and he had the following lab results: IGF-1 438ng/ml. His growth hormone glucose tolerance test shows the following:
    Basal:  0 .12ng/ml
    30min:  0.17ng/ml
    60min:   0.1 ng/ml
    120min:  13.5ng/ml
    180miin:  1.2ng/ml

    The doctor told me it is not conclusive especially that IGF-1 ids normal. However to be repeated after 3 months and we don't resort to radiological diagnosis unless we have conclusive lab diagnosis. As well he doesn't have other clinical manifestations of acromegaly except his big height...

    Please tell me what u think...I am very worried
    Also he was born tall and his two youngest sisters are tall for their age..
    Much thankfull...

    • Jon Danzig Jon Danzig United Kingdom says:

      Dear Rasha, thank you for your comment and I am sorry to learn of your worries about your son.  I am not a doctor but a medical journalist who also has acromegaly.  I don't feel qualified to advise you and feel you need to follow the advice of your son's endocrinologist, and if you are not satisfied with the  answers, to seek a second opinion.  Gigantism is very rare and being tall is not, especially when other members of the family are also tall.  I wish you luck and hope that you will soon have your mind put at rest.  Kind regards, Jon

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