1. Allen Allen United States says:

    True, a firearm in the home is far more dangerous than not.  But the same goes for drugs, alcohol, kitchen knives, electricity, 2nd floor windows, picket fences, German shepherds, fireplaces, gas stoves, space heaters, over eating in the home etc.  The president recently referred to an estimated 5 BILLION dollar savings by implementing proposed tort reform being too little, so why would 4 billion dollars in firearm injuries come to question?  How about the many lives a firearm does save?  Is the doctor saying the expense outweighs those lives.  I appreciate the effort, but hope those responsible for this report, also investigate other dangers in the home. BTW:  Proper education and respect for firearms will go a long way.  No different than a proper drivers education.   I can't argue the impulse of someone choosing to kill themselves by firearm, but they also use other methods.

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