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  1. William Alexander William Alexander United States says:

    I had a vasectomy almost 34 years ago. I have regreted it since about 5 years later, when my wife started to belittle me. If I could I would reverse It today!

    • Crispy Patas Crispy Patas Vietnam says:

      My 38 year old son plans to have a vasectomy. Unmarried and childless, he hopes to avoid possible pregnancies from now on. He is an experienced sex tourist. Today he learned that one of his favorite sex workers had a baby four months ago. She claims the child is his but is uncertain. They will have blood tests to determine paternity this week.

      This is a true story.

      I just found information in this article about preserving sperm for future use.  "...In order to allow a possibility of reproduction (via artificial insemination) after vasectomy, some men opt for cryostorage of sperm before sterilization..."

      I am afraid he will eventually regret this decision. He is young. What is your opinion?

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