1. Chuck Hackworth Chuck Hackworth United States says:

    Sexuality doesn't involve reasoning?  So what stops a father from sleeping with his daughter?  What stops a person from rape, sex with kids?  The only way reasoning would not not factor is if a person had no morals or self restraint.

    • Alyssa Evers Alyssa Evers United States says:

      Apparrantely you have trouble distinguishing between sexuality and the act of sex.

    • Crissy Bene Crissy Bene United States says:

      it depends on the intelligence level of the animal I'd think.  Think about how some animals mate for life while others do not - or how - mammals were mainly mentioned. I don't know about the invertebrates but I'm assuming some of these mammals are reasoning just not as long-term as we do then again octopus are very very smart and invertebrates so it really could even be down to the species sometimes.. they don't get married etc. their lives are beautiful but they have to think about survival much more frequently and solving disputes in their own way.

    • Crissy Bene Crissy Bene United States says:

      OH, I love animals, but behaviors I discover can make me grossed .. the children joining in? Wow man. And i've also heard about how elephants sometimes rape rhinos.

    • Phil Karn Phil Karn United States says:

      Incest is so taboo not because of human reason but instinct. It's called the Westermarck Effect. Being around a young child immunizes you to sexual attraction to that person when they mature. The same thing seems to happen in many animal species; e.g., orcas stay with their families their entire lives, with the males helping protect the young, but they'll always venture off to other pods to mate.

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