1. Alexandra Smith Alexandra Smith United Kingdom says:

    I've been suffering for nearly 40 years since a viral meningistus attack. The ME has been with me since then, only coupling up with Fibro pain for the last 8 years. I now have cerebella atrophy and am on all the pain killers possible but nothing completely kills the pain. Lately I've started taking codeine at night with paracetamol, both on prescription. It lowers the pain enough for me to sleep. Most of the pain is in the legs when attacks come and I've recently started wearing support stockings which also ease the pain during the day. Keep up your fluids as we tend to be low on that. Take the advice of Ali Hill below and get the amino acid and high vit B12 supplements if you can't get the B12 injections from your doctor. Don't go on an extremely low salt diet as this is something we are also short on. No fat diets are also bad. Keep a small level of good fats going, Virgin Coconut oil, butter, little bit of fat on meat. Don't cook with the coconut oil, put it on toast, it's not strong flavoured. Lemon and honey in warm water in the morning for the liver, I find this works for me.

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