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    I completely agree with you! I have to take to different pain meds everyday because of my chronic pelvic pain, but it is the only thing that helps my fibro pain as well, I have taken everything along with changing my food life style and completely quiting smoking and drinking 8 years ago 2 years after my hell began. I didn't smoke or drink a lot but I just wanted to be completely rid of them! I believe I don't suffer as much as others who aren't able to take pain meds and I am so grateful for them because i'm raising young kids and I already miss out on a lot but I couldn't even imagine being completely bedridden. Now I am not willing to continue to up my dose of the meds anymore so I to deal with tolerance but I figure nothing will fully take away my pain so I just put lots of limitations or should I say I learned my limitations and I give myself permission to rest. I do not plan on being on meds everyday for the rest of my life, I want to raise my kids fully then since I do not work I will be able to get off my meds and only take them as needed, I will be able to take care of myself a lot more because I will have the time and energy , Right now my focus and energy is for  my children and husband and being as present as I can! I think it is devastating that doc are taking away pain relief and making these people suffer. I just can't believe it I understand there is a chance of addiction but honestly thats no reason for someone to live in such pain they can't even function. A good pain management dr. have all the tools to screen and hold there patients accountable. I get drug tested every 6 months , everyone in the office does and I do not mind one bit because I am clean from all drugs or meds that aren't prescribed . I really prey that the Dr. stop looking to the chronic pain patients to cut out these meds, they need to be screening more and cutting out the people who are seeking and Dr. shopping. They have the technology to monitor now, so do it, don't make us suffer because others are abusing. I'm sorry to those who aren't being properly medicated. I understand not everyone needs narcotics and that great for those who don't but for those who do please don't ever feel guilty for taking pain meds, for me its like me taking my thyroid meds. My Cognitive Dr. who I saw , who specialized in pain management is the one who told me that because I use to feel so guilty and bad for having to take them. Please don't beat yourself up and if you have Dr. who is saying they won't work for you and you no they do please find a Dr. who will listen preferably a reputable pain management Dr. , stay away from clinics and find a nice Pain Management office! I hope everyone gets the help they need whatever that may be because everyones situations are different! You can find me on... Instagram at DanysBeautyFullife...
    Peace & Love,
    Danielle Marie

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