1. Trevor Ward Trevor Ward United Kingdom says:

    Whilst this is an interesting piece of work, I would like to point out that this work merely builds on my own work that was published nearly twenty years ago.  Way back then, I showed that at physiological levels (2%) albumin actually prevented uncoating (the opposite of this recent finding, but they used very low levels).  Moreover, I showed that when you mix echoviruses' with fatty acid depleted albumin the virus readily uncoats in the absence of it's receptor.  My work was actually the first to show the role of albumin in echovirus infection.  Serum albumin inhibits echovirus 7 uncoating.
    T Ward et al.  Journal of general virology 80 (2), 283-290
    Fatty acid-depleted albumin induces the formation of echovirus A particles
    T Ward, et.al.Journal of virology 74 (7), 3410-3412

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