1. Raven Johnson Raven Johnson United States says:

    But some heterosexual female humans do become gay...

    • Victoria van Arkel Victoria van Arkel United States says:

      They do not "become" gay. They were already either bi-sexual or lesbian and just hadn't experiemented/realized it yet.

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        Ed B Ed B Canada says:

        Listen to you making blanket statements. I suppose you're an expert in "Homosexual Reasoning and Genetic Traits"?

        • Juha Räty Juha Räty Finland says:

          There's enough science to corroborate that sexual behaviour does not necessarily reflect the person's true sexuality due to social norms and conformative pressure. In societies where sexuality is strictly controlled and narrowly specified, deviates are strictly punished either socially or by the law, or both, in quite a few countries even with death penalty. We don't need to go searching for societies where (heterosexual) marriage is inescapable, no matter what your true orientation was, they are so plenty.

          Likewise: many gay porn actors are actually straight for the simple reason that they earn more "becoming gay". You cannot tell their true sexual orientation observing their sexual behaviour.

    • Jessica Pruyn Jessica Pruyn United States says:

      I have been gay all my life I've dated a few males but prefer females. My soon to be wife dated man before she dated me and thought she was straight after we became more intimate she told me she had had lots of crushes on other females most gay or lesbian people I have met that come out later come out later because they felt society would not accept them

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