1. David Rowan David Rowan United States says:

    To Glenda, I'm sorry but that's the most incredulous argument anyone can make. First off, if you knew anything, yes people and animals excrete waste from the rear, but 90% of the time its pretty much empty so its just as clean as vaginal sex. Secondly, contrary to what you may believe, the penis also fits quite well into the anus, infact better as men who are larger can be accomodated better into the anus, as the muscles there tend to strech more than the vagina, and the vagina ends at a point, the anus and rectum go quite a bit farther. And lastly, the "Adam and Steve" arguement. Oh the ever faithful psycho christians favorite argument. Let me point out first that I'm not anti-religion. However if you want to be historically accurate, and i'm sure you would, homosexual behavior in HUMANS existed long before and long after biblical scripture was written. So for you to assume that God made people for exclusive heterosexual sex is blatantly wrong and historically innaccurate. Also, the fact that you even brought up adam and eve reveals to me that you obviously put no creedance in science so i dont know why i'm bothering to argue, but this article makes a vaild point. If it exists in nature, then its natural, and bible thumpers and bigots such as yourself should realize this. Yes this article has an agenda, but its only to prove that homosexuals, such as myself, aren't godless sodomites who are doing this because we "want to". Our very nature has more to do with it than you may want to admit, but here we are.  

    • ashley ashley   says:

      If it's only about bonding, then why have sex? I don't get, it I bond with my children and my parents and my friends and I don't have sex with any of them. I think gay guys are afraid that girls won't like them so they pretend not to want them either. Have a friend. Bond without being gross. Sex in the anus is gross and dirty and there is new evidence linking anal sex with colon cancer in particular when the "man" carries the HPV virus as 2 out of 3 men unknowingly do. There are reasons for all of this. Be careful people take care of yourselves.

      • TyRonda Smith TyRonda Smith United States says:

        No one said it was only about bonding but lifelong partners among same sex animals involves sex. If you are married or have ever wished to be married I'm pretty sure one way to bond was through sex, so to argue that you bond with your children, parents, and friends in non-sexual matters is irrelevant. Also to argue that you believe men are gay because they're afraid women won't like them is ignorant. I have personally seen many homosexual men encounter women who try to convince them to sleep with them and these women aren't unattractive, quite beautiful in fact, but to limit it to that only males can be gay is incredulous. Also to refer to anal sex as if only homosexuals partake in it is ignorant as well. I am heterosexual and I don't partake in anal sex but I have many heterosexual friends that do. Another thing, to state that there is evidence that HPV causes colon cancer without stating that it largely causes cervical cancer sounds like you're trying to use the disease against homosexual activities when it more so affects heterosexual women in larger numbers, so I write all this to say that your argument is completely flawed.

      • Danielle Moore Danielle Moore United States says:

        Just wow...

    • Wally Wally Canada says:

      Bravo, David. I had not seen your entry until I had submitted mine, above. Our points are very similar.

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