1. doug lemal doug lemal United States says:

    Hi i was diagnosed after many many years im 57 and have all the symptoms plus some i went for back surgery at a renowned hospital in philadelphia, pennsylvania and it was the nurse practitioner that asked me if i ever heard of acromegaly. She made an appointment for the head of endocrinology at another building in phila that very hour and i went . He took one look at me and said i had it . So after my nine and half hour ll1 thru s1 decompression which was supposed to take 4 hours i was tested for hormones growth was 12.5 normal is 1 tumor 2.5cm not impinging on the optic nerve or my eye doctor said he would have noticed the loss of vision. Back operation was very dangerous for someone with sleep apnea that stops breathing 84 times an hour had to stay in icu for three days. going to have the tumor removed by a very good ent and neuro. God bless everyone one of us. ps my pulmonary sleep doctor was told about the teeth movement and said with sleep apnea cpap machine users teeth displacement is common i was diagnosed in 1993.

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