1. D Blair D Blair United States says:

    I agree with the comments. I've been living with this for 3 year now and I was literally ignored by my primary care for over a year before diagnosis (by seeing specialists on my own). My daughter had 4 ER visits prior to being diagnosed or taken seriously. More than half of the US is overweight, so it's difficult to think that this is the main factor in this disorder. If so, why are so many non overweight patients suffering as well as men who are not overweight. Also, when patients with IIH lose weight why does the symptoms not go away completely instead of sometimes going into remission as it does when you are overweight. It is also, frustrating when every neurologist says you need to lose weight (as the first thing out of their mouths instead of focusing on treating the symptoms more importantly massive headaches. If the medical community would focus more on finding the cause of this disorder and how to treat it,we all would have a better quality of life.

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