1. Julie Braun Julie Braun United States says:

    They've been suggesting for decades that Fibromyalgia is a CNS disorder. However, there is also evidence of excessive peripheral nerves, elevated levels of neurotransmitters and cytokines, vitamin deficiencies and other physical changes. You simply cannot put fibromyalgia neatly into a box.

    As far as treatments go; what works for one patient does not work for all. If "the majority" can "live normal lives" with the remedial treatments like gabapentin, antidepressants, exercise and behavioral therapy, then why are there hundreds of people that I communicate with daily who are unable to work, exercise or do the things they would most love to do?

    Finally, we cannot overlook the fact that fibro has many co-occurring conditions that require treatment as well. People are quick to say that opioids do not help in cases of fibromyalgia, but for many of us, they are an effective last resort when the pain becomes intolerable. Far too often, ANY symptom in a fibromyalgia patient is simply chalked up to the fibro without adequate diagnosis or treatment.

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