1. Jason A. Jason A. Canada says:

    My understanding of the article is that the vaccine produces stronger/enhanced immune response to fungi, particularly candida albicans. Regarding other viruses, bacteria and fungi, it states that inflammatory cytokine production was "altered." The word "reduced" was used but it was to describe anti-inflammatory response to fungi, ie. increased inflammatory response which is another way of saying stronger immune response.

    I believe Indians with those fungal infections were naturally infected, not vaccinated, but the connection to what this article suggests has me concerned, as vaccination is meant to mimic infection in some ways. As someone who's suffered with chronic sinusitis of unknown cause (never been swabbed for fungal or bacterial cultures) for a long time, and having just received first Moderna dose, I am quite concerned.

    • Rolf Stolt-Bechtold Rolf Stolt-Bechtold Germany says:

      Reduced Cytokines but increased inflammatory reaction?
      Sounds like a better effectivity against funghi in the vaxxed since
      Inflammation is a necessary part of immune action and especially in defense against fungi it is absolut crucial!
      (The reason, why fungal infection is a  frequent steroid adverese event! Steroids suppress inflamation, and are the main weapon against the covid pneumonia! So it has been presumed reason of black fungi growth in Covid-Patients!)
      And btw black fungus outbreak has been recognized in the 2. Wave in India, long before the vaccines were available!


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