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  1. Cindy Field Cindy Field New Zealand says:

    my son fell  2 an a half metres to the ground an hit his neck hard on way down since then he has jerky violent movements which look like a seizure but are not seizures so the hospitial says  ..they say its more tic like ..could this accident been the cause of this as before it happened we had none of theses symptoms he also loses his sight after these episodes ...please help me find what it could be an how can I help my boy as he has no diagnoses

    • Penny Fuller Penny Fuller United States says:

      Keep extremely detailed records, when, where, how long it lasts, what he was doing before, what he was eating, whether it happens more at night or when he is excited versus sleepy.  That will help you rule out seizures.  It will save huge amounts of time with any medical practitioner or other adult responsible for his well being, like a teacher or a bus driver.  A doctor MUST know all that and it wastes time only to have a doc tell you to keep track so they can know more.  See a NEUROLOGIST, NOT an orthopedist/orthopedic surgeon (who only know how to cut into things and damage things more often than not).  See more than one neurologist without the other knowing, for more objectivity.  Keep dates of when his fall happened, whether his problem is occurring more often, how long they last, what part of the body reacts most.  It will all help a LOT.  I wish you the best and will pray for you both.  God bless.

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