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  1. Line-Marie Fortier Line-Marie Fortier France says:

    I'm french, 72 years old and I have a TRISOMY X. I couldn't fall pregnant and I had "dyspareunie" and I was ADHD (tdha). DNA REVEALED Triplo X when I'm 35 years old. Doctors said "It's nothing, only a lack of fertility" I'm not tall (1,65) My life was sad and I suffered loneliness and bulling , particularly when I was young and teenager. I can't drive a car, never, nor swimming. In France triple X IS "NOTHING" Sorry, but my life is wasted by this syndrome. I have a kind of autism and I feel not myself an adult. Very angry in France  doctors neglect that case. For others women I would FRENCH DOCTORS AND SCIENTIST take care of us, triplox female. I'm a bit delayed but not MAD. IT's enough ENOUGH...Nobody helped me, never.

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