1. DB DB United Kingdom says:

    Here are some studies on prostate cancer and XMRV:

    'Identification of a Novel Gammaretrovirus in Prostate Tumors of Patients Homozygous for R462Q RNASEL Variant' Urisman A et al. (31 March 2006
    'Prevalence of human gammaretrovirus XMRV in sporadic prostate cancer' Fischer F (29 September 2008)
    'No evidence of XMRV in Irish prostate cancer patients with the R462Q mutation' D'Arcy F et al. (March 2008)
    'Lack of evidence for xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus(XMRV) in German prostate cancer patients' Hohn O et al. (16 October 2009)
    'XMRV is present in malignant prostatic epithelium and is associated with prostate cancer, especially high-grade tumors' Schlaberg R et al. (8 September 2009)
    'Prevalence of human xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related gammaretrovirus (XMRV) in dutch prostate cancer patients.' Verhaegh GW et al. (28 September 2010)
    'Detection of Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus–Related Virus in Normal and Tumor Tissue of Patients from the Southern United States with Prostate Cancer Is Dependent on Specific Polymerase Chain Reaction Conditions' Danielson et al. (J Infect Dis., 11 October 2010)
    'XMRV: A New Virus in Prostate Cancer?' Aloia er al. (American Association for Cancer Research, 21 October 2010)

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