1. Jeff Jeff United States says:

    I just want to say, while I am an advocate for equality and freedom for all humans to do what makes them happy (so long as it isn't at the involuntary expense of another...) what you have written here makes perfect sense. I think it's shameful that anyone would find just cause in limiting the rights of a homosexual adult, and that the entire community of gays must resort to these measures (explaining themselves) to justify their desires to the public...

    So I ask: will you please apply such effort as you have shown here already, to explain what is wrong with consenting homosexual adults getting married even if only for the sake of receiving the equal benefits of a heterosexual couple.
    -Are men and women equal?
    -Should heterosexual married couples even receive any special benefit in this day and age?

    I say if homosexuals can't have it, then no one should.

    Where do you stand on this subject?

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