1. Mohammed Athari Mohammed Athari United States says:

    We now know that neurotoxins such as lead and mercury cause injury to the brain, which manifest as complex disorders of the brain such as ADHD, autism and schizophrenia. Psycho-socialists (eugenic movement) have been claiming, like the authors here, that “genes”, whatever that means, can cause complex disorders of the brain.  What has been lacking from this irresponsible claim is any explanation as to how or why. So how is it possible that some studies were showing that our children are more likely to have the same complex disorder of the brain that we know is also caused by injury to the brain?

    A group of real scientists began to look into this.  They found out that there were clusters of areas, old houses with lead paint or the communities surrounding a chemical or coal plant, where there was striking similarity of complex disorders of the brain between parents and their children!  These studies clearly debunked the use of deductive reasoning (or measured guess) used by the eugenic movement as proof of the heritability of complex disorders of the brain by showing that the similarity was because of the clustering of people around the neurotoxic agent!

    On another front, more real scientists began understanding and mapping out the human genome (GWAS), and their studies began finding that there are no genes for these complex disorders of the brain and that even if you clustered a million genes together, you still could not explain anything.  In fact, the variance based on genes was less than 1% between us all.  The reason was simple, there was no linear connection between genes and complex disorders of the brain!

    How is it that 20 to 40% of our population now has such complex disorders of the brain, where a hundred years ago, incidents of mental illness were almost non existent except for known mendelian diseases.  Did our genes somehow go into the toilet, exponentially increasing the rates of mental disorders, in a mere 100 years?  No. The answer is we have been dumping insane amounts of toxins into our environment for the last century. For example, we dumped so much mercury into our waterways that eating more than one serving of fish a week is hazardous to our health.  We took another neurotoxin, lead, and put it into our gasoline and brought it into our homes by painting our walls with it.  We are now contaminating our water supply with millions of tons of antifreeze and neurotoxins to make methane.

    Genetics is one very small piece of a puzzle that has ten thousand pieces.  We are all 99.9% genetically equal or we would not be able to mate.  The real scientists always knew that mapping the genome would expose this “missing heritability”. This meta analysis simply takes these unscientific eugenic studies that did not confound for neurotoxic exposure to begin with, clumps them together, and repeats the false conclusions they previously drew.  No competent news organization should report the results of this illogical and irrational guesswork these authors attempt to pass off as scientific.

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