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  1. Haze Kompelien Haze Kompelien United States says:

    I've dealt with this for 10 years now.  Doctors at the Mayo Clinic said treatment for my kind of post-op patient is diet control and carry glucometer & glucose everywhere!
    And I do have to keep glucose tablets nearby.  When my blood sugar drops, it plummets quickly in <15"!  I go from feeling "normal" to extreme diaphoresis, severe muscle weakness and, when severe, mental confusion.  My blood sugars are commonly in the twenties or thirties when this happens. Not nice. Dangerous.

    Mayo Clinic told me the only "cure" is a partial removal of the pancreas. They only recommend it for patients who drop so low they seizure or loose consciousness.
    (I mentally become absent-minded, confused, poor memory at my worst.)

    It is very difficult to find other people who deal with this or medical literature on the subject.

    Thanks for listening.

    Haze Kompelien

    • Sandra Azucar Sandra Azucar United States says:

      Haze, please don't consider removing your pancreas. You are lucky to have one. The best answer for hyperinsulinemia is reducing your carbohydrates at every meal so your pancreas doesn't have to produce excessive insulin. Please review Dr. Kraft with Ivor Cummins on YouTube who studied patients with hyperinsulinemia. I also eat low carbohydrates at every meal, and I have eliminated my high carb cravings...plus reduced heart disease risk. Good luck!!

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