1. David Llewellyn David Llewellyn United States says:

    It appears that Botswana men are smarter than those who push circumcision think.  Circumcision does indeed decrease sexual pleasure.  If it offers any protection from HIV at all, that protection is minimal. Having unprotected sex, circumcised or not, eventually leads to HIV infection if one has sex with an infected person. The only real protection is abstinence, being faithful, and condom use if one can't do the first two (ABC).  Telling men that circumcision is a "lifeline" is fraudulent and will only lead to men believing they are protected when they are not.  Frenchmen are not lining up to be circumcised.  Nor are men in other Western countries.  The circumcision rate in the U.S. is declining.  Why should Botswanans subject themselves to something so risky and needless?

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