1. Debbie Lane Debbie Lane United Kingdom says:

    It's a good interesting article with research nothing really new. So I'm diagnosed with schizophrenia.. Funnily enough I haven't got it but the psychiatrist with all his training made the diagnosis because my gp was reluctant to let me continue using diazepam after my father's death so I got it from the psychiatrist.  I feel awful for faking somethings but needs must and a gp withholding meds makes people go elsewhere at least mine were prescribed and I didn't go down the buying online route that thousands do because doctors only want to issue paracetamol and nit lotion.
    I never said a word about the following except I went to Egypt on holiday.
    His report said I had schizophrenia, ptsd from being assaulted in Egypt.. I have never been assaulted ever. And I had to stop using cochineal.. I had and have never seen cochineal except on TV and would have no clue where to get it if I wanted it. Mad as hatter he was I think we shod have swapped chairs

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