1. Albert Vorster Albert Vorster United States says:

    Albert Vorster
    I used Champix for three months and stopped smoking. I have become very agressive which is not in my nature. If I really knew what this drug was going to do to me I would have used something else. My hole life has changed and I nearly lost my wife because of my agressive behaviour. This drug is poison and should be band. I am hopeful that the side effects will disappear eventually so that I can go on and be myself again. A warning to all the other smokers who want to stop google the side effects of Champix before using it. It is quite an eye opener if you go to the Champix sites from overseas and compare it to the South African site. They are not scared to talk about the side effects and let other people know what can really happen. Why are we not going the same route.

    Comment on Catherine message; They tell you about the side effects, but they dont tell you what part of the brain it effects when you take the pills. I think the warnings should be printed in a larger format so that it is easy to read but they cannot because the pamplet wont fit in the box and the printing costs will kill them. I have never seen a drug with so many warning and side effects.

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