1. lyn ericsson lyn ericsson New Zealand says:

    Had numb sore feet for many years, I am diabetic, seen diabetic specialist, podiatrist who does not think its diabetic neuropathy.  Diabetic specialists tests came back ok. Had Polio as a four year old, not sure where it affected me. If I stretch feet they often sort of cramp and feel stiff. Had a neuroma under ball of left foot 10 or more years ago, which apparently was huge and prior to extremely painful.  This is not so painful during the day, but night time restless legs and pumping pain if I wake up in the night. At a loss as to where to go now. Orthopod were not really helpful. Also had knee replacement in left knee and have knee pain in night, and sometimes inside muscles hurt on both knees if a lot of stair climbing or exercise. Unoperated knee looks different from other one almost bowing.  Reluctant to have further knee surgery on so called good knee.  have a back problem mostly managed by chiropractic care.

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