1. Seth Seth United States says:

    I'm someone that really does not care about whether your homosexual or heterosexual but to say that we are apart of the animal kingdom, is wrong! we may share the earth and have some things in common its a known fact that we are very different and our reasoning factor is what sets us apart,God given in fact! Homosexuality is a choice, we all have them. Is it right? That it is something God will judge when the time comes. Think of it this way, we would not be here if homosexuality was the norm or how things were meant to be. They (humans)can not reproduce which tells me if we practice this as a whole humanity none of us would be here to even discuss the issues and i think that speaks volumes. We were put here to reproduce and live on not to extinct ourselves because what we say we prefer. That notion, just does not make sense to me. If you prefer homosexuality just say so but let's not say that it's what we were made to do as our bodies and compatibiliies with each other says something completely different. Listen, no matter how we slice it it comes down to choice, we can all speculate as to why we made it but in the end no matter what you prefer it's a choice we make in the end. When Jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days and 40 nights he had a choice to give in or not and again it was CHOICE! I do not care what choice you make but just say what it is! None of us have to live any certain way we do not have to do anything we do not want for that matter, but to say we don't make a choice is just not true. Whether good or bad it's our decision and ability to make that decision is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom.  

    • shanny shanny United States says:

      You can't call god or anything you believe comes from god a fact...


    • carmen carmen United States says:

      Seth, are you trying to say that you are a homosexual and that you CHOSE to be homosexual??? or why are you so sure that homosexuality is a choice and not something you are born with? I do not think homosexuals CHOSE to be that way I think they are born that way and there is nothing wrong with it.

    • Taylor Taylor United States says:

      I really think you need to separate your opinion from what you call "facts." The actual fact it that homosexuality IS genetic rather than a choice. The best way to look at it is to just ask yourself, can I choose to be gay? No, you cannot. You cannot choose to be gay any more than they can choose to be straight. If you do not believe me, here is a quote from Dr. Qazi Rahman, one who is looking into the origins of sexuality. "This study puts cold water on any concerns that we are looking for a single 'gay gene' or a single environmental variable which could be used to 'select out' homosexuality - the factors which influence sexual orientation are complex. And we are not simply talking about homosexuality here - heterosexual behavior is also influenced by a mixture of genetic and environmental factors." So there you have it. Next time you go out of your way to post something, take the time to research it a little better.

    • Barry Barry United States says:

      I've read almost every comment on this board as far as this comment. I'd been tempted to comment before, but I figured that there was no point to do so. There still isn't, most likely. However, Seth, your comment was so infuriating that I'm not even going to bother pointing out that homosexuality isn't a choice. It's been said 856 times above me, and if you want to believe that I chose to be singled out and be discriminated against, that's what you're going to believe. No, my problem is with your statement that human beings are not a part if the animal kingdom. Let me call up all of my biology teachers and tell them that the things they're teaching-- things with scientific fact behind them, are incorrect. Human beings are a part of kingdom Animalia, aka the animal kingdom.

      Also, the bible is not fact. It's people like you who give Christianity a bad name.

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