1. Taylor Taylor United States says:

    I really think you need to separate your opinion from what you call "facts." The actual fact it that homosexuality IS genetic rather than a choice. The best way to look at it is to just ask yourself, can I choose to be gay? No, you cannot. You cannot choose to be gay any more than they can choose to be straight. If you do not believe me, here is a quote from Dr. Qazi Rahman, one who is looking into the origins of sexuality. "This study puts cold water on any concerns that we are looking for a single 'gay gene' or a single environmental variable which could be used to 'select out' homosexuality - the factors which influence sexual orientation are complex. And we are not simply talking about homosexuality here - heterosexual behavior is also influenced by a mixture of genetic and environmental factors." So there you have it. Next time you go out of your way to post something, take the time to research it a little better.

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